Bringing Brands And Content Together

Consumer Engagement is the oxygen of marketing as it provides the only true opportunity to shape perception and motivate purchase behavior. However engagement is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to attain due to a marketplace drowning in a sea of sameness, an exponential increase in media outlets, and a untethered, mobile powered, fast-forwarding consumer who has the world they covet within arms reach of desire.

Introducing BCT INC., a dynamic transmedia company designed to bring brands and content together to tell a story that is authentic and creates an emotional connection with the consumer – how they think, feel and where they buy.

BCT will be led by Carmen Lago, a 16 year industry veteran with an unprecedented track record of creating and negotiating innovative content platforms that meet the objectives of the North American networks, studios, and brands and Tony Chapman whose agency for the past twenty years has created branded television and social media content for clients that include Pepsi Co, Frito-Lay, Unilever, Nissan, Toshiba, Kraft and Cadbury.

BCT will focus their efforts in Content Creation and Content Representation. In Content Creation they will work in partnership with production companies and/or networks to create, own and develop transmedia content and negotiate integrated branded content deals. In Content Representation they will represent existing content and help secure brand participation.